This page is dedicated to the companies who have supported LSG in the past.

Regina Bakery

Regina Bakery has always sponsored LSG. From the frist event to the latest. They provide tastey donuts and pasteries by the box full. In addition to the pasteries they are also hosting this website. LSG recommends stopping in one of their two locations and trying some of their products for yourself! For more information check out their site.


nvidia banner

nVidia is one of the largest producers of high end graphics cards. These card crunch the numbers excellently while playing those graphicly demanding games. If given enough notice, they support LSG with anything from t-shirts to SWAG. The SWAG is usually posters and stickers, but sometimes it can get awesomely-odd. Like lego-men keychains with nVidia shirts on! Check them out at nVidia.com


Bawls is a company that produces one of the best and most highly caffinated energy drinks on the market. They support LSG with SWAG primarly. But have in the past given LSG free cases of Bawls and pull-bags. Check out these Bawls balls! It is hard to actually find there product in the store; I have stumbled upon it in random gas stations. Some Targets now stock it. You can always buy some from Microcenter or various online distributers. For more information about Bawls check out there site.


Crucial is a leading manufacture of computer RAM. They develop and produce a high qaulity product that LANSlide Gaming would recommend to any user.