My name is Kyle.  I am a Technical Support Analyst for a major IT company in Hebron KY.  I am madly in love with my fiance Lydia!  You can find Lydia on LanSlide Gaming too.  She is Vixen.  I have known Tom (blauvester) since High School.  I stumbled upon his gaming website by accident.  I was bored at work and was looking for a lan party and happened to find this one.  I have been attending and helping plan LAN parties ever since.

I play a lot of First Person Shooters.  I play one damn good Spy in TF2.  You can find Lydia and I Playing Guild Wars together, or you can catch me on steam playing with some of my friends from the Fridge Taters (my steam group... which you should ask me for an invite too if you want to be cool!)

See you in game,

Kyle (Renfield)

Steam ID: [FT]Renfield

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